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How Achieving Six-Pack Abs can Make You a Millionaire

Updated: May 20

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How will getting 6-pack abs make you a millionaire? Well, let's present the theory. It may not seem that these two things have much in common with each other. After all, we all know that correlation does not mean causation. There certainly are millionaires who do not take care of their health at all. Likewise, there are certainly gym rats who are not millionaires. So, what are we getting at? Let’s look at some numbers. In the United States, currently, 9% of the population are millionaires out of the 118 million U.S households. As the statistics stand, the number of Americans with 6-pack abs is 1 in 25,000. According to these numbers, you are statistically more likely to become a millionaire than you are to have six-pack abs. Now that we know these numbers let’s see how achieving six-pack abs can make you a millionaire. Spoiler alert: It's in the mindset.


Achieving six-pack abs is not a simple task, yet anyone can do it. That is if they have the discipline to achieve this goal. Learning and adhering to discipline are crucial for success. It’s about doing something when you do not necessarily feel like it. You may not necessarily feel like going to the gym- you may not feel like giving that presentation for the promotion. You may not feel like doing cardio- you may not feel like marketing your business for the nth time. Discipline will push you to do what needs to be done, regardless of how you feel, because you know that achieving your goal will mean more to you. The discipline to say no to cheat foods and yes to chicken, rice, and broccoli is the same character you apply when striving to become a high-income earner.

Sticking to Routine

Routine is very underrated and something people are indifferent to. Yet routine is everything to a millionaire. Getting up at the same time, answering emails and calls at a certain time, going to the gym at a particular time, etc. Millionaires are creatures of habit because they understand that we all get the same number of hours in a day. Yet they must maximize and do what’s best and makes sense with their time if that means sacrificing occasionally. Likewise, obtaining and furthermore maintaining six-pack abs is achievable through the routine. Meal-prepping mounds of Tupperware on Sunday so that you don’t have to guess what to eat throughout the week. Always finding time for a workout (including cardio), always eating meals at a certain time, and always going to bed at the same time to prioritize rest; these are a few examples.

Delayed Gratification

In an era where everything is rapidly at our fingertips, we have forgotten what it means to delay gratification. Some people believe that they are owed success. Studies have shown that delayed gratification is present in highly successful people. The ability to delay an immediate reward in exchange for exhibiting patience and later success is not an attractive concept. Nevertheless, building a business takes time, marketing and growing takes time, and more than anything return on investment takes time. Achieving six-pack abs takes some time as well, and not nearly as long as it takes to grow a profitable business. Still, it doesn’t come overnight, it requires multiple lifting and cardio sessions; and multiple days, weeks, and sometimes months of continuous dieting and discipline. A successful individual knows that the steps make up the path, and they can always see the finish line.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth comes in many different iterations, but achieving a goal always feels the same. A sense of accomplishment, confidence, and competence. A sense of knowing that you can achieve something when you put your mind to said goal. A sense of knowing that you shouldn’t doubt yourself because you are capable. Achieving great health does so much for you beyond the physical. Mental health increases along with a sense of purpose. The gym is a therapeutic way for you to disconnect from the stressors of daily living, just as becoming a millionaire is a way for you to buy back time for freedom. With your mental and physical well-being in check, you have the fundamentals covered and are on your way to diffusing that energy toward becoming a successful high-earner.


Achieving a six-pack and becoming a millionaire are two things that are statistically challenging. Through fitness, there may be a way for us to restructure our minds and the expectations of what is possible for us. When starting a journey to achieve these things the finish line may seem far away, but the goal in both is to buy some time. You’re buying time to stay around longer with loved ones, move through the world confidently, and enjoy the finer things in life. Money and looks are not everything, and you don't need either to live a full life. However, we all do need good health and security to some degree. Let's strive for more!

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